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Does Your Website Need a Spring Clean?

Spring has finally sprung in the Southern Hemisphere, and we could not be happier to welcome warmer, longer days and balmy breezes. The air is fresh and it’s the time of year when it feels like everything – including us – comes to life again.

It’s also very true that we’re collectively hoping for the unprecedented challenges of 2020 to alleviate somewhat over the coming months.

While you are no doubt feeling inspired to spring clean your home, have you considered your business? More specifically, does your website need a spring clean?

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Blogging for Business: Why Outsource It?

Blogging. Everyone is talking about it. It may be the most valuable thing you do on an ongoing basis to promote your business online.

But running a blog takes a commitment – it requires a lot of work on your part, and this eats into the time you’d otherwise spend on running your business (or even taking much-needed time out for yourself).

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SEO: Marketing During a Downturn

It’s fair to say that there are very few businesses that have not experienced some level of downturn due to COVID-19. While it may be tempting to hit pause on your SEO and organic marketing strategy, this could be a very costly mistake. If at all possible, it’s crucial to continue with (or commence) SEO, affordable website redesign or optimisation, and social media marketing during a downturn.


Social Media – Its Importance During COVID-19

Businesses of every kind are being affected like never before in light of the current COVID-19 situation. While some businesses will prosper as a result of this sudden change in worldwide circumstances, more will experience at least some level of a downturn. Yet this is not the time to drop the ball on all of your marketing, including your SEO efforts and blogging.

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