The Importance of Content Writing in SEO

One of the most important aspects of successful SEO is having a content-rich website. Any reputable SEO expert in Sydney or anywhere else will tell you that overall, SEO is a complex puzzle with many pieces, but a successful SEO strategy begins and ends with quality content writing that is specific to your brand and your niche.

You could have the most visually-appealing website full of captivating images, an engaging colour scheme and design, and a distinct brand identity, but without quality, SEO-optimised content writing, your efforts will be for nought.

What is SEO-Optimised Content Writing?

Put very simply, SEO-optimised content writing is the creation of website content that will actively help your website rank more highly in search engines. It will need to appeal to not only your audience from a marketing perspective, but also to Google’s complex ranking algorithms. So when you create content for your website (or pay someone else to do so on your behalf) you need to consider human readers and search engines equally.

Basically, if there is no textual content on your website, there is nothing to rank.

Content needs to be of high quality. It needs to be well-written, well-researched, and relevant to your brand and business, and of high value to your target audience. It also needs to comply with Google’s search and ranking algorithm requirements.

Your Blog

You also need to have dynamic content for Google to sit up and take notice of your website. This can easily be delivered in the form of a regular onsite blog post – ideally once per week (or more), but once per fortnight will work too. This is the perfect place to create content that captivates and engages your audience; share it to your social media channels and it, if done well, will be shared and will bring more visitors to your website and hence your business. Not only is your blog a great SEO tool; it is also a great lead generator.

 Why is Content Writing Crucial for SEO?

  • Google can only rank a website and links with content
  • SEO requires strategy with respect to search terms and keywords
  • Quality content writing elicits social validation
  • Quality content is the only way to achieve quality backlinks

Writing Quality Content for SEO

Each page on your website should ideally have 350-500 words of engaging content that is relevant to the keyword search for that page. (This is also an ideal length for blog posts). It MUST be unique. Each page should target certain keywords and keyword phrases for search as recommended by your SEO provider.

  • The main keyword or phrase should be included in the title of the page.
  • Use the main keyword/phrase in the first and last paragraphs.
  • Use secondary keywords/phrases sparingly throughout the content.
  • Use keywords as anchor text to link to other pages on your site.
  • Use keywords in <H1>, <H2> and <H3> tags to emphasize them
  • Beware of “keyword stuffing”. This refers to loading keywords too many times in a certain length of text – Google will identify it as spam. For a 500 word block of content, use your target keyword no more than twice.

There is so much more to know about SEO content and we’ll look at this in future posts.

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