Merry Christmas from SEOcycle!

It’s that time of year!

It’s with a collective sigh of relief that we welcome the Festive Season and get ready to say goodbye to 2021.

Here at SEOcycle, all of our ongoing SEO work will continue as usual over the festive holiday period. We will take a short breather between Christmas and New Year, however, all technical work continues and there will be no pause at all to any current SEO campaign.

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Shadow banning

What is Shadow Banning – and How to Avoid It

Social media plays an important role in a comprehensive SEO strategy, whether you outsource social media management to an SEO company or do it yourself.

There are certain aspects of social media for SEO that differ greatly from social media for content marketing – and one approach does not necessarily meet the demands of the other. Many businesses create content to comply with both strategies. Regardless of your approach to and purpose of using social media for business, you need to understand and avoid the risks of shadowbanning.

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Social media

How Does Social Media Support SEO?

Do you use social media for SEO?

Social media is not just a popular channel for interpersonal connection, entertainment, and business marketing. It’s also a powerful and important platform to enhance your SEO efforts, and it should be part of your overall search engine optimization strategy.

Social media itself is not a Google ranking factor. When adopted as part of your content strategy, however, social media posts that are SEO optimised can improve your rankings, increase your online visibility, and drive traffic to your website or your blog. This occurs through the correlation between your SEO campaign and your social media marketing.

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online shopping

The Pros & Cons of Shopify for Your Website

Here at SEOcycle, we use the Shopify platform as an option for web development and web design (as well as WordPress). Shopify is an excellent option when used appropriately. Like WordPress, it has its pros and cons, and these need to be considered carefully before selecting the platform for best use for your needs.

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The Pros & Cons of WordPress for Your Website

WordPress is one of the platforms we use here at SEOcycle for our web development and web design services. In fact, while we also work with Shopify, WordPress is our preferred website development platform for an array of reasons:

  • WordPress supports better SEO outcomes
  • WordPress makes it simple to add functionality
  • WordPress is more affordable to host
  • WordPress delivers visually appealing, unique websites
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